The most up-to-date, accurate, easiest, fastest and safest way to administer the Ketogenic diet.

KetoCloud started out of the need to bring the Ketogenic Diet from the hospital environment to the homes of the patients.  The Ketogenic diet is a very effective therapy for several neurological disorders e.g. Epilepsy and Bipolar disease, gastric disorders, and research is ongoing into treatment for cancers like melanomas.

KetoCloud has created a set of tools to simplify the prescription as well as the administering of this therapy:  KetoCloud Home: for the carer / parent, KetoCloud Pro: for the health professional. This impressum provides more details on the service.

For the Ketogenic diet, the amount of ingredients has to be calculated for every meal, so the portions of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate are in accordance to the prescribed size.  Historically it was found to be very difficult to do this calculation over and over.  In many cases a small amount of menus was collected to be repeated over and over, which made the diet lacking variety and the patients became bored with the food.  (You can only eat so many peanut butter sandwiches.)

In addition to the difficulty of calculation, the prescribed portions of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate will change from time to time to suit circumstances, in turn this will change the calculations again.  The ingredients could only be selected from a limited list provided by the dietician reducing the scope for variety once again.

The ease of selection of the ingredients from the USDA and other databases, and the ease of calculation allows the patients to select their own favourite ingredients.  (Perhaps this doesn’t ensure variety, but it sure helps avoiding boredom with the diet.)  Making it very simple, fast and accurate.

When the imagination fails, a selection can be made from meals, published by other users from all over the world.  The amount of ingredients will then be automatically adjusted to be in accordance with the prescribed portions of Fat, Protein and Carbohydrate. Making it so much easier.

In addition, when using the KetoCloud Home, before starting the menu “composition” a simple questioner is presented, this questioner is to be completed before one can proceed to the ingredient or menu selection. The answers of these questions will be immediately available for the health professional to ascertain the progress and the need for intervention.  This daily feedback makes this therapy safe.

Using this daily feedback the health professionals can change the prescription as they see fit.  Using advanced computer technology this change will be recognised by KetoCloud Home and the calculations will now be made in according to the new values. Making it very up-to-date.