KetoCloud Services Features:

  • Physician or Dietitian can prepare unlimited meal plans for unlimited patients.
  • Supports the USDA National Nutrient database and/or Custom Nutrient databases.
  • Android, IOS (iPhone/iPad) and HTML5 compatible versions. Push notification for patient feedback!
  • SSL Encryption to protect patient data while in transit. AES -256 Encryption data at rest protection.


KetoCloud Pro

Health care professionals dealing with Epilepsy know the precise calculations the Ketogenic diet requires.
KetoCloud Pro offers a simple solution to prepare meals for patients based on the USDA National Nutrient database.

Physician meets with patient’s parent to collect bio information about the patient in order to prescribe a Ketogenic diet to reduce Epilepsy seizure. Physician or dietitian calculates the required energy, required protein and the Ketogenic ratio using KetoCloud Pro. Physician can monitor progress via patient feedback and track results via historical charts.


KetoCloud Home

Using KetoCloud Home, the patient, parent or carer uses the KetoCloud data to calculate the Ketogenic menu. The same program allows patient to provide feedback to physician via the KetoCloud service. If any issues are found with the diet, small adjustments and recalculations will be required.